Sagami Women’s University Elementary School

Welcome to Sagami Women’s University Elementary School


Sagami Women’s University has a history of more than a century. It was originally founded as Japan Women’s School in 1900. The university’s motto is “Learn to Look. Learn to Discover,” and its educational mission is to foster women who are capable to contribute to the society and local communities through feminine perspectives, sophisticated sensibilities and flexible thinking.

Sagami Women’s University Elementary School has a history of 70 years.

Its venue is about 173,000㎡. The campus encompasses kindergarten, elementary, junior-senior high school, university and graduate school.

Location and Access

Sagami academy is located in the north east part of Kanagawa prefecture which is conveniently accessible by public transportation. It is about 10 minute-walk from the local station, Sagami-Ono station, on Odakyu Line. The direction from the station to the campus is as in the map below.

How Long It Takes to Sagami-Ono Station

From Tokyo station
(By JR Chuo Line and Odakyu Line)
about 55 minutes
From Shinjuku station
(By Odakyu Line)
about 32 minutes
From Shibuya station
(By Odakyu Line)
about 35 minutes
From Yokohama station
(By Soutetsu Line and Odakyu Line)
about 35 minutes
From Shin-Yokohama station
(Use JR Yokohama Line and Odakyu Line)
about 30 minutes


Our academy has abundance of nature in our campus.

Greetings from the Principal

Hello, thank you for visiting our school’s website. Technologies are continuing to improve and to develop, thus our lifestyle will have to change. We can’t predict the future of our society. We are living now, and we are living for the future too. We place the highest priority on students’ growth. What are important for the growth of students The answers are environment, curriculum and teachers. These three elements are interrelated and enhance one another. Below are our missions:

  1. Students improve their abilities
  2. Students gain 21st century skills
  3. Students have compassion
  4. Teachers have coaching skills

Sagami’s Education

We educate
“Individuals who can act on their own”



Through all activities, they develop their skills.
All school subjects and activities are integrated for the best outcome.
We have a reputation for providing students with valuable opportunities to develop their character and skills through participation in a wide range of activities.
From the academic year 2020, we added research learning.

Educational Features

We provide learning based on a sophisticated curriculum.
In class, students are to think, to discuss, to present, and to express. They also use ICT tools to achieve active learning.

”TSUNAGU-TE (hands to connect),” focuses to foster
communication skills, as well as mind for entrepreneurship and leadership. It also provides students to learn Japanese traditional culture and dietary education.



Programming Education focuses on the 21st century skills. In this study, they can comprehensively learn many subjects. It’s the future of subject.
We use LEGO kits to achieve a high level of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) education.

Online English conversation lessons achieve interactive conversations individually with English native speakers.


Global Activities

We have three sister schools overseas in Australia, Indonesia and Singapore. Every year we have exchange programs. Their students visit our school, and our students visit their school. Through these opportunities, students can make friends abroad, and can understand the differences in culture, habits, food, religion, society etc. They can acquire the idea of living in a global society.

Annual School Events

Our school has many school events throughout a year.

In May, we have a sport festival. It is an exciting day for all students, their families as well as for all teachers. There are many programs that students practice for that day. The dance performance by all students and the performance imitating martial arts by boys are traditions of the school.

In November, we have a school festival. We demonstrate the remarkable activities at school. For example, chorus and theater classes, marching band performance, etc.

In February, we have an art exhibition. We decorate the school with many works of art created by students from 1st grade to 6th grade.

There are school over-night trips for 4th, 5th and 6th grade. The trips include swimming camp, mountain camp, ski school, school excursions, and English camp.

If you are interested in our school, please email us below.