Mission and Characteristic



Sagami Women's University boasts a history of more than a century; its predecessor was the Japan Women's School, founded in 1900. The University's slogan is "Learn to Look. Learn to Discover" and its social mission is to foster women capable of contributing to society and local communities through feminine perceptiveness, fine-tuned sensibilities and flexible thinking.


"Learn to Look. Learn to Discover."

In accordance with the University's slogan, "Learn to Look. Learn to Discover," lessons aim to cultivate individuals with outstanding thinking skills. Sagami Conceptual Seminars have been established to provide courses that teach new ways of thinking. Students are encouraged to participate in numerous activities that promote exchanges with different Japanese regions, hands-on learning opportunities and product development, etc. Sagami Women's University is characterized by learning that fully utilizes its regional partnerships and fosters practical planning skills, communication skills and the ability to succeed.